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As a dedicated sports-education company our aim is to help the next generation of football agents to become the experts of tomorrow.

Our goal is to ensure that this developing cohort of football agents has every chance of success in this tough, yet greatly rewarding industry, but also achieve their aims in a moral and professional manner.

Our book How to Become a Football Agent: The Guide is a contribution to that development.


From guest-lectures, to seminars to networking events, we've taught at institutions all around the world!


Learn from Dr. Erkut Sögüt and the wider Football Agent Institute team at home or on the go!


Dr. Erkut Sögüt

Sports agent Dr. Erkut Sögüt currently represents elite footballing talent such as Mesut Özil, amongst others. He is well-known for having negotiated the biggest Premier League contract in history in January 2018 for his client. Being part of FIFA’s intermediary commission, Dr. Sögüt is at the forefront of the industry and potentially new regulations in the coming years.